The Unsuspecting Lover



The unsuspecting lover is sincere
Sincere, but foolish and gullible
Only rarely, is it about the wickedness of her heart

Why is it at the same time the beloved refuses to talk that the conversation with others become more interesting?
Why is it that another is willing to walk the lover home, especially when the beloved as refrained her company?
Why do hugs from another suddenly become incessantly sweeter only when the beloved begins to stand aloof?
Why is there only always a better company only when the lover and the beloved are not in good times?
Why are there other ladies who take special interest and show care only when the beloved begins to ignore the lover?
Why is there always a more understanding and ready-to-listen guy around only when the beloved has suddenly become annoying?

The unsuspecting lover is unaware. “At least, I won’t because I and my beloved are not talking shun other guys’ she says.
“I won’t push other girls away, just because I and my beloved are not in good terms” he says.
But does she know she is beginning to use the other guys as a substitute?
Does he know he is beginning to unconsciously use the other girls as a make-up?

Are there still guys who will put a foot down and say “if home is not settled, then no one will get a piece of me”?
Are there still ladies who will say “I won’3. Exercise their right to life by desisting from election violence.t give another attention until I have settled with him”?
Are there still men and women who will say “home first, others follow”?
Are there still men who will not because of a misunderstanding now begin to share with another, the privileges reserved for their women?
Are there still women who will not because of doubts share with another man the respect and attention she had always shown?

Will for better still be for worse?

Yet, the unsuspecting lover is like a sheep to the slaughter
She is unaware
He is oblivious
Who will save the unsuspecting lover?


I love you pleanty

Sleep Sweet.

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Olalekan Owonikoko