This Love Will Last



In those days as a young religious man, whenever I see a guy and girl, or brother and sister together in a corner, on the road, or at the junction of a street, talking, smiling, or making some melancholic motions, my reaction has always been to see them as immoral, unserious, and jobless-at least, my religious leaders taught me that well; but these days, having fallen in love myself, and having had to walk on the street-sometimes at night, together with the one I love (oh! God bless the road that leads to Tanke junction from Tipper garage), and having had to stand at different junctions for various discussions (of issues that can not wait till the next day), my reaction has since changed; now it is more of concern, compassion and prayers:
“Lord, let these ones last! Let them understand that the true test of their love is in the difficult times. Lord, grant them wisdom to manage this love. Oh, let their smiles last, let this joy endure. Teach him to love and care for her. Teach her to do the same. Teach them to uphold the commitment they made to one another. Open their eyes to see what Love is really about.
For now I know how hurting it can be to have Love mismanaged.

It is possible that people forget the commitment they once made to one another and forsake each other in the time it is needed most.
It is possible that the same people who had walked hand in hands begin to push each other away.
It is possible that people treat each other with contempt even when they have so passionately held on to each other.
It is possible that one fights the idea of pasting the lover’s image as display pictures even when they had both cherished the boldness in proclaiming their love.

All these are possible, yet, one can only do one’s part right, walk in unconditional Love, follow due process, and hope that love eventually wins.

Adeola-mi, this love will last.


I love you plenty.

Sleep Sweet.

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Olalekan Owonikoko