Like an island from the deck of a ship
You can’t really imagine how. beautiful it is
If you do, then you would have done with limits
How much you discover when you
come close
Yet so little when you observe from afar
If robots could be made that would travel the mind of man
Then yours is one I had always
wanted to voyage
For a woman who’s had her fill of
Whose action, speech and life
depicts God
You would wonder what encounter
she’s had

I always wish I’ll go into you mind
And see why you live as you do
I wonder what life has meant to you
Or how it has dealt with you
And treasure how you have come to survive
And how you have come out with such great beauty
When she meets my eye’s view
I wonder even more to know what she is
And then the opportunity came with the morning
At that point I should say
There were many different versions of her story
Many single stories from rather
selfish minds
So I decided to pick for my self what was real
And here is my story:
Created with such sensitivity to pick out the smallest of all crap
Yet with a mixture of an awesome
amount of mind will and audacity to confront such discrepancies
An underlying stream of Love,
compassion, affection that could
break a brick wall
Filled with such inspiring vocabulary, grammar and great lingual power
The piercing sweetness when she lets her mouth open, to release, with such precission, as well as harmonionus melody that could soothe a baby to sleep, yet make a man cry his pains out.
A gift to the world
A woman of value
A virtous woman to her husband
And a loving mother to her children
Yet, a friend of mine
And in a world where the word Beauty has been confined to the limits of physical perfection
I step out of such ignorantly
misleading paradigms
To tell you how beantiful you
are…..and If i should say that……
I love you so much.
Happy Birthday ma.

Dedicated to:
Kemi Obanubi
HOD, Rhema Mass Choir.