As they say: in life things happen; but at every moment, there is always a before, a now, and a after.
So…one thing led to another and I was off Whatsapp for a while-maybe a little more than a while. However, Bí o bá nídìí, obìnrin ó kín jé ‘kúmólú’, but then, bówó omodé ò bátíì pèkùn idà, kòlè bérè ikú tó pa baba rè, so I’ll let the explanations wait. Let’s just say you took a break from my incessant rantings, bilingual tirades, and inexcusable inconveniences-more like the baby and the birth water.
But the day came when the mountains woke up, the day the sun finally smiled behind them. More like a lost ship slowly seen along the horizon.
I’ve finally risen beyond the enclave of my municipal antagonism.
All I can say is: E kú ilé! E kú ijó méta!!

I am Imisioluwa, the Naughtyboy.
It’s a world of words.

How have you been?

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