When She Doesn't Want You


You can kill yourself,
Jump up, flex muscles and fight,
And even come and go and die
But dear, if she doesn’t like you,
She just doesn’t like you.
And more so, if she doesn’t want you,
Then she doesn’t want you.

You may be the nicest person to her
You may solve problems for her
You may be spending time with her
Making her laugh hysterically
You may even be making plans for you both
But boy, if she doesn’t see you that way,
She just doesn’t see you that way

She may enjoy your company
Always wanting to have you around
She may tell you stuff others won’t hear
But dear, she’s a lady
If that thing isn’t just there
That very thing that rings in her heart
That places you above all
Then it just isn’t there.

She may really need you there for some purposes
But her heart may be set for someone else
And she might not even know him yet

Yes, the guy is the initiator, I agree.
But then, the girl is the incubator
If she really wants you
She’ll take your love,
Little and weak as it may be
And make it hers
She’ll make an haven out of it

But at that point where you have begged and piped
Where you have circled the mountains
Sweating profusely, just so she could notice you
And she couldn’t even offer you a cup of cold water
(That one is even too much sef)
If just an handkerchief,
Or at least say, ‘weldone’
Then, my bro…….

She’s not evil, nor a bad person
That ‘thing’ may not just be there
Or there may be other things involved
That you and I don’t know

You may convince her to consider you
Or imprison her by your persistence
Or harass her with religious propaganda
Or even confuse her with affection
And she may seem to yield for a while
But sooner or later, the spell is going to fade
And you’ll find yourself with only a caricature of Love

I’m not saying you shouldn’t pursue her
You may need to do all these (you should really)
Of course, to give her the benefit of doubt
If she needs it to know where you stand
And that is still a good thing
But if that love isn’t as much hers as it is yours
Gbàgbé è, forget it, just a matter of time
You’ll realize you’re still very lonely, alone and single
It’s just a reality you have to accept

#Adeola-mi; Do you mind, after all these years, making this love yours for once?

I am theimisiOluwa; your brother in this journey.

Love you plenty

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