Why We Will Fail

Somehow, it seems it is hard for us to learn from other people’s past experience.
From the amount of warnings we get from our elders, I don’t expect us to fall into the same error. But No, we often repeat the same.
If we were listening and learning, then we shouldn’t fail in anything we do. None of us should end up with broken homes. None of us should live unfulfilled lives.
But then, I know my generation, we are so stubborn. We prefer to make mistakes than find wisdom. We prefer to listen to Whizkid and Beyonce to teach us how to live, think, dress, and talk. With this, I’m convinced that many in my generation today will still not make it in life or become what God planned them to be; many will still lose their soul eternally; many will still impregnate a girl out of wedlock; many will still get pregnant to guys who wouldn’t take responsibility; many will still beat up their wives; many will still die sick and young; many will still know Jesus and experience eternal life here on earth….not because God does not have good thoughts for us, not because there’s no wisdom to tap into, but just because we won’t just learn; because we won’t just pick up our bible and see the truth for ourselves; because we won’t just take time to commune with the Holy Spirit; just because we will prefer to believe we are failures, angry, weak, instead of accepting what God says about us; because we will prefer to live in unforgiveness, holding people for every wrong they do, demanding they pay for all their wrongs, instead of accept and bring out the Love in us; because we are just plain stupid and non chalant; because we are ignorant; because some will not even read this post and learn. And my friend, that’s a very sorry case.

We are not dead yet we can still learn; we can still amend our lives; we can still find wisdom.

Have an insightful week ahead.

I love you plenty

(See you in a while…phone troubles. Lumia 730 in view)

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Olalekan Owonikoko