Dear Adeola-Mi,

Meeting you feels like yesterday even though the calendar tells me it’s five years ago. Like an edifice, I have watched this love grow from the roots of foundation to the tower that it is now- still growing. Like a fine wine, I have watched us get better with age. Each quarrel and misunderstandings when they happen have made me realize how unrest I am when you are mad at me. Genesis 1:2 (a) captures how I feel.

Memories of us and all that we have shared is all I need to make a dark day bright. For all the times you crossed the seven seas and bridges for me and all the times I couldn’t wait for the day to break so I could set my eyes on you.

In this world filled with boys, you are always a man. Sound advice is always on your lips. For you, love is an action word, much more than you tell me, you show me.

In just a few month’s time, I’ll be saying “I do” to forever with you. This is a breath of fresh air for me and the butterflies are everywhere in my tummy. I’m not lucky to call you mine, luck couldn’t have gotten this. I’m blessed and that beyond measure for in loving you, I have discovered that a blessing is not just things or gifts but people.
Your kind, really rare.

With love,
Olawunmi Akinfenwa

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