A Dark Night

I clearly remember
How dark it was that night
Light being quietly estranged
Shadows were in full might

I couldn’t control me
Speech failed, countenance changed
Another heart enraged
The darkness became worse

We both fought for freedom
But the darkness ate deep
Deeper into our heart
And we couldn’t see through

Oh, a night of darkness
I held tight to its neck
Ready to strangle it
Its voice, I ignored it

It reached out in defence
And held tight to my wrist
A war was emerging
And it didn’t end soon

But sooner and later
Light showed but was too late
The damage had been done
And the light brought fresh pain

We had fought the wrong war
I strangled the wrong neck
She crushed the wrong wrist and
We broke our own heart’s strength

Darkness we thought we fought
But it only darkened
Our sight from the truth’s path.
We had done ourselves wrong

With this two dark weapons
Assumption and anger
Friends turn on each other
Almost turning to foes

With forgiveness on hand
Sincerity in heart
We moved to the rescue
Trying to save what’s left

How long shall we mourn this
Till our hearts mend again
Our soul ignite afresh
Forgiveness being complete

How do we live to see
The damage we had wrought
Forgetting all behind
Focusing on the new

What a dark night it was
When I hurt you my love
Thinking I was quite right
How miserable I am

What a dark night it was
That you hurt me my love
Thinking I deserved it
But t’was all un-needed

We’ll let love take its place
Healing along the way
Making us whole again
Making us smile again

Now I’ve learnt my lessons
The one dark night showed me
My creator taught me
Now I know more on Love

You can’t over emphasize
The power possessed by
A little more patience.
Thanks for such a lesson.

#Adeola-mi, What a dark night.


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