I've got Ego!

It’s so funny how much we lose to ego; so enormous, how much damage it can cause. Especially when it’s a relationship, it becomes more dangerous. I’ve seen marriages break because of issues like this.
Children not willing to go back to beg their parents. Parent too proud to admit they were wrong. The man not willing to accept his fault and kneel to the woman for forgiveness. The woman not willing to let the man go unpunished. And all these things tear us apart. It breaks us. It damages than it repairs, and it never makes sense.
A woman once got angry with her husband and packed out of the house hoping the man would beg her back. But the man never did. 25 years later when their then little girl was to marry, the woman came back to the house;not as a wife, but as a stranger to her home that now belonged to another woman.
There’s always this feeling of let him/her apologize first. No one wants to take blame or be responsible for starting the discussion that brings the issue to table. The feelings of: if I apologize first, he’ll think I have the fault and would never admit his wrong. All these are only assumptions; but how much of our lives should we leave to assumption.
Personally, I’ve always tried to make my life easy by facing the facts, asking for what I wanted. But I am guilty of the same too.
Why leave things to damage, when we can save a lot? But we’ll rather wait, making assumptions. Assumptions only fuel anger, and anger is a blind force. It is senseless, it damages all in its path.
Rather than holding on to my ego or place as a man, I’ll rather bow my knees to you, and straighten things out; and hope that Love will both make things right, making us perfect as we grow.
Never leave your relationship in the hands of assumption-fueled by ego. Whenever things go wrong, make it your responsibility to always straighten things out. Be the first to forgive. Be the first to love again. This way, you’ll save both hearts. You can always bring the best out of anybody if you’ll stop trying to get even. Love is your responsibility. Do this and you’ll see him/her change for the best.

Love’s way always make sense.

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Olalekan Owonikoko