I long for the ideal world
A world perfect and pure
A world where love abides and lasts
A world without fear and pain

Where everyone looks out for one another
Where no foolishness can be found
A world of no mistakes
A world of unity and equality

A world without heartbreaks
A world without disappointments
A world without wickedness
A world without sin and death

I wish this world will be like that
But my faith isn’t strong enough
To move that mountain

How long shall I wait?
How long before this dispensation
Of evil and wickedness shall pass?
How long before we see ourselves exactly as He is?

Please come quickly
Eternity, please come
Before this heart can no longer hold
Before this pain eats all away

Come, eternity come
The ideal world come
Where the tears shall be wiped away
Where there shall be no crying or pain

Come, Jesus come
#IamImisioluwa, and #IamChristian.

(C) 2014, Imisioluwa.

Enjoy your day.