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Dear Adeola-mi

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Dear Adéọlá-mi,

You see, it was a different thing back then when I started to write pretty love notes to you on Wednesday nights. Everyone laughed, smiled, blushed, and enjoyed it. They weren’t too bothered if you were real or not. I was just a little boy with many years ahead. So it wasn’t a problem. I could easily write them.

It’s a different matter these days as more and more people are giving me the vibe that these words without the physical manifestation of a she is no longer funny. In fact, Ìyá Sola and my Uncle are beginning to ask me for your name. And seriously, I hope I’m not getting comfortable with the idea of you than the reality of you.

You can’t imagine how many times your name appeared in my birthday wishes yesterday. Even Pastor Tolu was calling for applications on his status. Oga Tosin nko, he won’t let me rest. Some people even wrote “Happy Birthday Adéọlá-mi”. Wait, are you me? Are me you? Me are you? Of course, I know we’ll become one soon. But let’s all calm down first.

I don’t know if I’m the one delaying you. Or if it’s you delaying me. I just hope you’re making good use of the time. I’m trying to. In just a little while, we’ll be together.

Here’s me saying Hi, and letting you know I had a wonderful birthday, save the part where you come in and do all those lovey-dovey surprises something.

But what can man do? Na to just calm down and make the most of it.

Either we’ve met or not met, either you’re part of my crushes or I don’t even see you yet, either we’ve dated, shared some emotional moments, or not, I don’t know.

All I know is that there’s Love waiting for you here bẹ̀rẹ̀kẹ̀tẹ́. See you soon.

I am the imisiOluwa; and I’m back.

Love you Plenty

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