Dear Adeola mi,

Thought of you gives me the gish_gish effect like a fish dancing in the water. My heart is like a canvas and I’ve been painting pictures of you, of us. Sometimes, the pictures are blurry, that’s why I’ve handed over the brush to the father to make a perfect painting and to make our story of love a masterpiece!

This life of a 20sth-year-old single woman has been very challenging but I’m glad I’m walking in God’s plan. I know that you are not a BASTARD, you are walking diligently, the father already finds pleasure in you.

Some HANDSOME DEMONS have been on my neck wanting to show me what love means, but I’m waiting patiently because they don’t look like what the father has shown me. I abandon every distraction, my affection and attention is set on you. I know you will come like a Yoruba Angel in flowing white Agbada, awakening me from this thought and circling me in your arms forever.

Baby yo! I will cook delicious, yummy Efo Riro and sweet Beans for you, and you will buy that sleek Benz for me because lágbára olorún a ma lówó lówó. When the butterflies go in vacation,our hearts will still be knit in love and when the kids start flooding our home, the light of God’s word will forever flood their eyes. They will see what an amazing father and husband you are.

Óyá, grab a wine glass and let’s make a toast to this love.

The sweetness that will gladden your heart forever.

Esther Adewusi

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