Dear Adéọlá-mi,

I’m not a Poet or a Writer, but I have few things to say to you. I hope you read this with a smiling face.

Beau, like I always call you, doing life alone without you hasn’t really been easy, but it’s been fun, of course you know I’m a fun-filled person. I’ve been doing lots of exploits in areas I never knew I’m good at. Baby, I really wish you were here already, but then I will patiently await your arrival.

Valentine’s Day is in a few days time, silly me was busy mapping out how I will blow your mind away that day. I thought of starting the day with a lovely meal in bed for you and also imagined you opening your suitcase at work only to find a piece of lovely lingerie in it, 🤣 I can see you losing concentration at work already. Then I go ahead to send a surprise cake and donut made by Omolola for lunch with the inscription ‘Eat me baby’. I’m nice like that. I know the eagerness to close at work will almost finish you. 🤣🤣🤣

Imagine reaching home after the day’s work and on entering, you were welcomed by a dimly lit room filled up with Lavender Scented Candle by DunaMassage with a soft music playing in the background. You were about rushing in when a message from me dropped to your phone and it reads ‘Undress slowly, a bath 🛀 awaits you’ and you joined me in the bathtub.

This is just one of the ideas running through my mind as I await your arrival baby. I love you Beau.

Duna Omowumi

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