Dear Superman,

Allow me to refer to you as ‘Dear Adeola-mi’ today because I want to join Olalekan in the #Adeolamichallenge.

Let me go straight to the point;
Adeola-mi; my crown of wealth, in our journey so far, you have represented this and lots more to me. I have found myself asking questions like ‘why haven’t I met you earlier in my life?’

One of the many answers I have had to give myself is that I may not appreciate the awesomeness you carry if I haven’t towed the wrong path years before we met.

You carry a grace I covet, my spiritual anchor
I love the way you hold my hand in prayer and agree with me in faith to birth the miracles I have seen happen in our home in this journey of almost 3 months.

Maybe you didn’t even know that you amaze me in ways words can’t suffice, but I will try to sew words together to let you know that I appreciate your leadership, love and care.

Adeola-mi, my husband in whom I am well pleased, let me use this medium to let you know that I am lost in love with you.
My macho man, my support system, my covering, my encourager.

I see our diversities, which in many ways, have made us explore and create new groundbreaking moments for ourselves in our haven.

Let me confess, I love the way you love my body
It speaks volume of the kind of confidence it builds in me.
You may not know this, but your touch, your kiss, your gaze; they all affirm the fact that you are not a learner.

#LovingYouScatter came last year when we had not tied the knot and it helped deepen the foundation of our love, here is the #Adeolamichallenge and I hope it helps us to reflect on and further create the world best home we have in mind.

Dear Max, you are my Adeola-mi indeed.
My crown of wealth
My place of bliss
My succor and help.

I love you forever more!

Your own
Oluwafunmbi Purpose Aigbekaen

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