First Glimpse by Hephzibah Tosyninho

Dear Adeola-mi,

My first glimpse of you was on the page of a romance novel. You stepped out of the pages and wrapped your arms around me. You were a sight to behold, tall, dark, and handsome, armed with a mischievous grin.

My personal knight in shining armor, you swept me off my feet and put demons at bay. Your kisses made my heart turnionown and your gaze gave my heart those flutters I still feel as I write to you today.

Several years and some TDHs later, you’ve evolved into a man, strong, wise, honest, committed, appreciative, excellent, and filled with much grace.

I hope I tell you often enough, how grateful I am for your wisdom, for how you always see me in the light of the scriptures. For how you forgive, for how you deliberately speak my love language.

I hope you are a lover unashamed of expressing your love. I hope you believe in candlelight dinner, in doing the works of romance yet see the value in a night at home, just the two of us cuddling. I hope you like to play because I look forward to ‘hide and seek’, dancing and singing competitions.

I know you love to pray, and your understanding of the scriptures is a constant attraction to me, Aswear that my head goes on lunch break when you reveal a new biblical truth to me. I know you’re prudent in speech, I know you are submissive to God, spiritual authority, even to me as I am to you.

I miss you, I really do. I catch myself too many times talking to God about you, about how real you are to me and how grateful I am for you. That’s why I understand, and even appreciate the wait.

2070, legacies built and being improved on, children off living their own lives, I hope my breath still catches at the sight of you. I hope our gazes lock and tell stories of love, growth, grace, and life. I hope we function as one in every sense of the word. I hope we never lose our wonder of the mystery that love is.

Today, as always, I love you.

Forever Yours,
Hephzibah Tosyninho

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