Gazing at her…


Gazing at her pics earlier this evening, on my ‘shaking screen’ Htc my touch 3g slide(expecting my Nokia Lumia soon), I couldn’t believe it was the lady I love staring back at me. Although, physically, she was miles away, probably on what she calls ‘my big bed’, singing or unconciously huming her favorite bed time song:
“Some have bed but cannot roll
Some can roll but have no bed
I have bed and I can roll
Glory be to thee, oh lord”; it felt like she was right there within the confines of my eyesight. I had always thought the journey of finding the perfect woman(ask me my definition of ‘perfect’) will be as some potray, a journey in futility, but today, it seemed only a dream too beautiful to be true. I am not suprized, my Father said he makes everything beautiful in its own time.
I can’t complain. I am only blessed and have recevied, grace for grace.
Anyways, all I am saying is:Adeola mi, I Love you ‘tori torun’.

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