God save the marriage of
Aunty mi wòsílá who never saw
And broda mi lúkú who looked
And looked but saw nothing

God help them
As they stumble through life
Yet with eyes wide open

Perhaps, their trouble
Is not of defective eye balls
But of selective blindness
Ignoring truth in its simplest form
Embracing sentimental mediocrity
Making pact with stupidity

God save them from themselves
Lest their foolishness destroy them
Lest on their tombstone
The words read bodly:
“They had eyes but never saw
And they died like mere men”

God save you and me

“Lest we carry our right to vote
Yet enslave ourselves the more”

“Lest we find true love
And yet let it walk away”

“Lest we carry our bibles of various sizes
Yet live in ignorance
Yet live in bondage”

“The eyes of your understanding being enlightened: that you may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the same. Ehesians 1:18”

God save you and I

I am broda lúkú and you are…