Well, it’s hope that keeps us.
It’s hope that sustains us.
It’s because of hope that we are still here.
And those who choose to leave,
Perhaps have exhausted theirs

It’s hope that makes us want to hold on to life
In hope that the present is not all there is
That by some chance, tomorrow can turn out differently
That we can experience another reality


The mistakes toppling upon each other
One bad decision after another
Several unmet deadlines
Many impossible tasks

The disappointments
Unfulfilled promises
The heartbreaks and heartache
Back stabs and back pains

But it’s hope…

That one day we’ll experience genuine joy
We will feel some happiness in us
And won’t need to be strong
And just be us

It’s this hope that makes us humble
Humble enough to talk about it
Humble enough to seek help
Humble enough to succumb to help

In hope that we may really be helped
That the myriad problems will be solved
That these confusions will not last forever
That we’ll come out of these troubles

It’s this hopes that makes us want to try again
Try it another way
Try it in another way
And even try it with another person

It’s this hope that keeps us alive
It’s this hope that makes us want to live another day
It’s this hope that gives us life
Perhaps, it’s this hope that separates us from the suicidal

It’s this hope I still have

I am theimisiOluwa

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