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I Am The Fisayo by Oluwafisayo Ogunsola 

I Am The Fisayo by Oluwafisayo Ogunsola


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Dear Adeolami,

Ever since I heard your velvet toned voice on phone.
My heartstrings pulled with pleasant impulse to see;
See the delectable that adorns this sonorous voice,
that fueled a longing for my legs to traverse and leverage into the familiar with the one who struck a forte and stuck like a limpet to my rock with calls to come closer.
I rode on time till I was a few miles away.
Butterflies fluttered and perched all over my stomach as the miles turned to a few meters and hours fizzled into minutes.

With few more stomps on the sod, we will see at last; faced with the fate.
I chose to face fate with the unorthodox, sneaking in disguised as a dumb man who is lost
You will forever revel in this date.
Mustering incoherent dumb mumbo jumbo as I made enquiries about services of the gym where you then worked.

Fate had brought the face you sought
You swelled with homeliness and warmth to this “dumb man” who needs information.
As you turned to bring a paper for me to write my mumbles and grunts.
“I am the Fisayo you have been chatting with”

You were dumbstruck
Pen and paper affirmed galileos assertion, thumping the floor in unison as your scream rang through the room.
Fate faced you under a blind guise, making your eyes glitter with a thousand sparkles.

Oluwafisayo Ogunsola

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