Day One – 44 Days Appreciation Challenge

Most times, it’s easy to get carried away by the turbulence of this world,
the difficulties, the unmet desires and all,
and forget only the living experience such.

Yet if we look deep enough, we will realize that, scattered around the year,
were miracles, blessings, successes, smiles, joy, peace, safety, and all.

For all these I’m grateful.

For everytime I woke up later than planned, but still woke up…
For everytime I got to my destination later than agreed, but still got there safe…
For everytime I didn’t get to eat all I wanted, but still didn’t sleep on an empty stomach…
For all the times I didn’t give my best, but still had something to give…
For all the times I was hurt and offended, but still had the heart to feel…
For all the battles I lost, but still standing in the war…
For all the……

I am grateful.

To the maker of the heavens and the earth
The one who’s got his eyes on me
The one who thinks about me
The one who has made me his Son
The one whose love supersedes my inadequacies

I’m very grateful

I am theimisiOluwa;
and I’m grateful for Life.

Are you?

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