If I'm Ever That Guy You Dreamt Of…


If I’m ever that man you’ve always dreamed of
If there’s ever anytime I’ve brought you joy
If in anyway I seem somewhat the right guy
Then I think you should  know the truth right about now

If I ever sound or look like I’ll keep my promises
If you’re ever impressed by my character, paradigms, and entire destiny
If it ever seem you’ve found me at the right time
Then let it be known it wasn’t by myself all this while

Truth is, I can’t guarantee I won’t one day change my words
Or vouch to forever hold our love still so strong
I am not certain I won’t one day end up breaking your heart
If these my friends stop being there to put me in check

I’m sorry, but I can’t guarantee I won’t one day beat you black and blue
Or run away with another sexy legs, abandoning you
I can’t bet I’ll provide for you and always fill your purse
If my Jesus, Holy spirit, and the Father don’t continually be my source

So dear, as you prepare delicacies and different cuisines for me
As we lay under the sheet, from foreplay to orgasm
As you stand with me, providing all the love and care
Please know, I’m nothing if I loose touch with them

So as we go around preaching, singing, and changing the world
As we get busy fulfilling destiny and our purpose in life
I beg of you, please always remind me of where we started the journey
Adeola-mi, all I’m trying to say is: my love for you is solely founded on the eternal and abundant life I carry.

Adeola-mi, the lady I love.

(C) 2014, Imisioluwa.

Sleep sweet!

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