*Day Three-#40DaysAppreciation Challenge*
As most of us approached teenagehood, the tendency was for us to seek freedom, which meant a movement away from the dependence of family. We wanted separate rooms, separate meals…some of us even changed our names.

But as we grow older, older in to the realities of adulthood, the responsibility that comes with it, and as we prepare to start our own families, the importance of family suddenly becomes clearer.

We may fight and disagree, but my family is the only constant source of comfort, friendship, support, and sponsorship that I have.

Dad may disagree but he keeps asking how things are going

Mum may complain but she keeps checking up on you.

Siblings may not understand but are willing to give all.

I didn’t choose my family. It was a gift from God. God knew Adewale and Folasade Owonikoko had the exact genetic combinations to create this custom-made unusual, complexly simple anti-conventionalist thinking, stubborn, and crazetive yet too gentle young chap that I am (feel free to eulogize yourself).

My family is not perfect. But I love them.
I am theimisiOluwa; and I’m grateful for my family