The saying goes: “Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are”, and I think it’s safe to add “…and I will tell you who you’ll be”. The people who get our ‘eartime’, ‘eyetime’, and ‘hearttime’ are very important, for we constantly gravitate towards them, and sooner or later, we’ll become like them. It’s therefore important to constantly review our circle of influence.

Today as I watched my friends tie the knots, I knew I had made the choice of good friends, one I could comfortably watch my kids grow around.

My friends are sincere people.
My friends are creative people.
My friends love me
My friends support me
My friends inspire me
My friends give to me

They are not perfect.
Some of them are stubborn, naughty, and crazy.
Some are gentle, calm, and cordinated
Some are SUs. Some are ‘jasi’.

But most importantly, they all are peculiar in their own ways.

They all add to me and I look up to them.

I am theImisiOluwa; and I am grateful for all my friends