I’m Grateful for Pastors 

From the time of the Cross, the gospel has been handed over to faithful men who have since committed it to other faithful men. We must admit that some less-faithful men may have handled the Gospel in the course of history. Some due to negligence, ignorance, laziness, cares of the word, of which Dermas is a founding father, while some others are simply workers of iniquity.

Tonight, I appreciate everyone who has, and who labors in the word diligently. From our Sunday school teachers to our pastors and all.

Those who didn’t keep the truth to themselves.
Who are not money and fame driven.
Whose attention is not in building ministries in their names but building men.
Where would we be today, tossed to and fro by deceit and fakes?

How far will our ignorance and confusion have gone?

Thank you for making Jesus the focus
Thank you for deemphasizing money but Christ
Thank you for helping us know ho we are in Christ
Thank you for telling us about the effect of eternal life on our minds
Thank you for teaching us to exercise our authority in Christ
Thank you for showing us to give expression to the nature of God in us
Thank you for reading the bible for two
You have done us so much good.

I am grateful

I am theimisioluwa; and I am grateful for those labor in the word for me.

Sleep Sweet.

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