Iroko Trees.


Perhaps, the reason the old man sitting down can see farther than what the child can see even if on an ‘Iroko’ tree is because the old man had climbed the same ‘Iroko’ tree while he was a child and had seen all there is for the child to see. Therefore, the old man’s ability to see beyond what the child can see may not be a result of a keener sight-for the child’s is better, but wisdom from abundance of experience.
However, the ‘Iroko’ tree has since been uprooted when the governor built a road across the village and the child no longer need to climb any ‘Iroko’ tree again, he now has the ‘Iroko’ app on his android tablet.

But then the principles of God are the same from Enoch to Jesus, from Apostle Paul to Rev. George.
Whether your bible is the old time leatherback or the Mobile application on your phone, you are not wiser than it. After all, omode o ki n laso titi, ko lakisa ju baba re lo.

Read it, study it, and meditate on it.

#IamImisioluwa, and #IamChristian.

Happy Sunday

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