It's So Easy



It’s so easy for us to say ‘my girlfriend broke up with me’, and ‘he broke my heart’, without giving the other party a chance to tell their own part of the story, so we can be pitied at the expense of their reputation.

It’s so easy to list what our partners did or didn’t do, fail to admit our own wrongs and mistakes, as if we had no part to play in the way things ended.

It’s easy to reject the responsibility that comes with love, yet, go about claiming ‘what will be will be’.

It’s easy to demand respect, love, understanding, openness, fidelity, sacrifice, and ‘perfectness’ from our partners, forgetting we are first the ones who is far from being perfect.

It’s easy to be so ignorant of God’s idea of selfless and sacrificial Love, His intention for the marriage union, that at the first sight of problems in our relationship, we begin to doubt the ‘will-of-God-ness’ of our partners.

It’s so easy to fail to sacrifice, stretch ourselves, be patience, endure, change and adapt, learn to forgive, trust in God, and yet go about saying ‘a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

(2014), Imisioluwa.

My Point: The joining of two hearts has never been a simple task. It takes nearly a lifetime to accomplish. Popular culture, religion, and paradigm has made the idea of ‘Sacrifice’ a scarce commodity in our versions of Love, but then, if we will last in Love, we must embrace the true example of Love.

Remember, “He who breaks a relationship and courtship on any grounds other than his own inadequacies has learnt well, how to break a marriage.  Imisioluwa”.
If God says he or she is not His will for you, it may well be because you are not good enough for him/her.
So dear friend, let the mind of Christ be continually developed in you.
Our children are looking forward to better daddies and mommies.
And we won’t disappoint them.

Sleep Sweet!
Love you Plenty!

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