The Two Becomes One.


Now I know how hard it can be
For Two to eventually become One
For some, the Two never really do
Of a truth, the Two are very different
Distinct in many ways
A round peg in a square hole
What can be more difficult

We forget this just as the knot is tied
We expect machines that read minds
Getting it right all the time
But just so soon, our hearts break
Uumet expectations has always proved
The basis of many disappointments

Imagine, she’s excited about a story
At just that time, he’s making a plan
She reaches out, He withdraws
How could he have known?
How could she have known?
The one person who should care
As turned deaf to a pressing need

Insensitivity becomes the dominant accusation
If he knew, perhaps he would have listened
If she knew, perhaps, would have created space
The battle starts and continues

Assumptions, expectations, and hurts
Misconceptions, insensitivity, and pains
So is the journey of the Two that becomes One
Yet, the solution stares both in the face
If they will recognise it

The peg must lose its ’roundness’
The hole its ‘squareness’
It is never the case of joining Two
But the case of creating a new One
Each One must lose half itself
An entirely new One must be formed
Yes, the Two becomes One
The Two must become a new One.

(C) 2013, Imisioluwa


Sleep Sweet!

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