Let’s Make Love (Adeolar-mi Writes Back)

Hey sweet,

You know I have always preferred to extend my reactions to your letters in person, so I can get to see you blush at the sound of every of my words. It’s priceless.

But today, some thoughts just crossed my mind, and I thought to pen them to you.

Once again, thank you for choosing me as ‘D’ girl in your life (I must have wearied you telling you this but it’s the truth and its worth saying over and over again). I know for a guy, making up your mind to stick to one girl might not have come easy, but thank God you are not just another average guy on the street whose mind is majorly preoccupied with schemes and ploys of getting another girl laid. You saw all the other numerous beauties in your history of existence, and you finally concluded “… this is flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone…” It’s the best thing that has happened to me since redemption and I am so in love with you sweet.

The truth however still remains that even as we sail in our love ship to our sweet haven, all these people that you have chosen me over will also be around, as well as many new ones who you probably would wish you had already met before you met me. This will remain so for as long as we still live in this plane of existence and in the light of this, I only humbly appeal to you to learn to be content with my love, let my love get you so drunk and intoxicated that all you see in your world is me. Let my ‘breasts’ satisfy you and drink water only from your own cistern – mine, because the hurt that accompanies the knowledge of sharing you with another woman even for a minute (even in your mind), is inexplicable.

Please, never compare me with those other girls you know or have met because I am not them, and I can never be them. I am me, and I can only improve on and update the current version of me, I cannot install another’s software into me. Please, love me the way I am. I am not a perfect woman yet, I still have tonnes of stuff to learn. I make mistakes a lot, and there might still be quite a number of mistakes that I will yet make. Please love me through my good and my bad.
Please don’t look into the eyes of another woman for comfort when I begin to really piss you off.

Do me the honor of finding a companion in me when you’re going through and in need of succor, and don’t be too proud to cry on my shoulders if, and when you need to. After all, I am not only your lover, but your friend too. Feel free to be silly and play the fool in my presence or with whom else would you rather be silly? Don’t be swift to find quick fixes and alternatives when I seem incapable of satisfying you like you would want. Love me when I am on course, but lavish me with even more love especially when I drift off course. Caress and cuddle me when you find me attractive and beautiful but smother me with even more affectionate kisses especially when I become unable to keep up appearances like before.

Do all these bearing in mind that this is how I am also going to love you. Bear also in mind that when you fall below the mark in your quest to attain these, I will forgive you. I may be hard on you and linger in the pain a bit because even I am not there yet, but I’ll definitely forgive you and give you another chance to give love another shot.

This may look like an unattainable Pluto ideal to some, but really sweet, we can do this. After all, that’s pretty much the same way our Father loves us, and thank goodness, He never dies, so we have our entire lives to understudy Him till we hit the mark.

If only we allow it, I know we can enjoy heaven even while we are still here on earth, for the divine love given proper expression is nothing short of heaven on earth.

Please, let’s make love. Let’s make heaven on earth…

Lots of love,
garnished with kisses,
with a touch of hugs,
(My regards to your #LoveWednesday Audience.)

Your ‘D’ girl,

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