Maybe because you catch my attention when I gaze at you
Or maybe because of the grace with which you walk and move
Or maybe of the eloquence with which you speak
Or the wisdom you Judge with
The Ideas that flows from you even if in bits

Maybe of the perspective from which you view the world
Or just from the paradigm and mindset that governs where you walk
Or from the training and up bringing you’ve had
Or your entire background which yet had failed to put your back on the ground
Or of some experiences you’ve had while growing up which am yet to know about

Maybe cos of the way you encourage me
Or of the way you correct me when am wrong
Or how you advice and offer direction when am confused
Or how you just stick around to hear my trash and faults without condemning
Or maybe just from you presence I enjoy time after time

Maybe because of that voice that resounds with the richest vibrato I’ve ever heard
Or of the pitch with which you express you self with melody and piercing sweetness
Or of your way with words even though you have not harnessed yet enough for me to be caught by it’s

Maybe from the fact that you have come to Know what Living in abundance means
Or maybe you have had your Future secured in the hands of him who designed the end form the beginning
Or maybe because of the way you patiently follow Him all the way, letting him lead you all times
Or the value you place in your relationship with him

Maybe it’s just because of the fact that you are who you are
Or of the personality you have
Or from the Beauty that’s on your outside
Or the fact that you are golden on the inside
Or maybe I don’t even know which of these is catching my attention
Or because am not sure what exactly is making me write this
Or feel this way
Or admit this
But I guess am just Hooked up on
Fearing no other place in the world might offer such awesomeness and awe.

Adeola-mi, the Lady I love.

Maybe… I’m sure I’m in Love with you.

(C) 2012, Imisioluwa.