The truth is this: Before I met you, I must admit, there were other ladies. I know I may not have told you about them before, and I’m sorry. There were quite some of them at school, church, and on the street, especially along F-Division road. They were ladies I really liked, maybe some of them from afar though, but I really didn’t just want another lady, or every other lady out there. I wanted a lady who was different and unique, who was not common and can be found just anywhere. I desired a lady in a class of her own; one with surprises, weird, and abnormal. I didn’t just want those religious looking people, who act and dress like they just had breakfast with God, yet in reality, they are far from him. Likewise, I didn’t want just the average Brazilian hair(thanks to Germany), empty brain, breast opening, laps revealing girl. I wanted a lady with class who knows her father as humbly and sincerely as possible.
Even though I fell-in-like with many good ladies, I was willing to wait for you, and I determined to refrain my sweet lips and poetic declarations from every other until I found you.
And on that day we had our first serious conversation, as you were sincere with  me about your weaknesses, mistakes, and failure, I wanted  to be the man to patiently wait and make up for them. Your background, personality, look, intelligence, perspectives, all made me fall in Like and Love with you.
I know there are more than one of such ladies like you, I know my friend Tayo has got one, and Plove will be getting married to one soon…(to mention a few), and other ladies like Moremi, Oreoluwa, Ibukun…(to mention a few), I can only thank God I found mine too in you. And you too reading this.
My point is, I appreciate the effort you have put in making yourself a little bit more than the average girl on the street.
Adeola-mi, the Lady I Love.

(C) 2014, Imisioluwa

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