Now,ever than before, I am convinced I’m in Love with you. It’s been four years now since the first time I told you I love you and the words have only grown stronger in my heart and mouth. If the four years have been entirely smooth, I would have doubted the sincerity of my summations, perhaps, my conclusions are only the result of the sweetness I have tasted. But this is not the case, the journey has not been smooth nor perfect. It has been characterized by ups and downs, moments of hurts and pain carefully intertwined between moments of sweetness and joy.
We have had times we talked for almost twenty out of a twenty four hours day and times we had barely talked in a month. There have been situations where we have misinterpreted each other’s actions, assumed, and had jumped into the wrong conclusions. We have caused tears on each other’s face both of joy and of sorrow. Yet, in all of these, your love has only grown much larger in my heart.
Now I know if there’s ever any lady that will hurt me, I prefer it to be you. And if any Lady will live in my heart forever, please come a permanent place in my heart forever. It has not been easy, but it has never changed. Creator gave you to me a rare gift, and I’ll always treasure you.
Even in this season of our lives where discipline and maturity requires that we retract, where I can’t openly tell you how I feel, I still stand to say to you: Adeola-mi, I LOVE YOU NOW AND FOREVER.

(C) 2014, Imisioluwa

Adeola-mi, the Lady I Love

Sleep Sweet!

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