Every now and then
Two people meet each other
and fall in love
They click and a spark happens
They like each other
They become friends
They talk about everything
They offend each other
But quickly learn to tolerate and adjust
They look out for each other
They inspire and strengthen one another
They meet other people ò
But they cherish what they’ve found in themselves
And their love grows
Sooner, they decide to take it a step further
To enjoy what they’ve had forever
They clarify the love within their hearts and spirit
The guy takes the step, and the girl has her answer ready

No complication
No stress
No headache
No committee

Though the guy may have had help
In recognizing what was before him
The girl also, taking her time to know if he was for real
And that’s all it gets, no wahala
They get married without issues
And continually use the same method and mind
To deal with all other marital issues they face

But for some, it is not so

Na so so wahala
every time
One complication after the other
One heart break after the other
If one pastor does not say something
It is one prophet seeing another thing
If the girl is not asking for break
It is the guy not loving enough
If the guy is not pressuring for sex
It is the girl not affectionate enough
One problem must sha happen
“Oh, I want you but I don’t want you”
“I love you but can’t we just be friends
“I like her but, she’s not busty”
Trust issues
She’s seeing another guy
He’s too busy
The next moment she’s gone
“I’m sorry” upon “I’m sorry”
Only too repeat the same
Before you know
Pieces of their heart are scattered with different people
If it’s not her dad not wanting a 3rd class graduate
It is his mum refusing an ijebu girl

But why?
Why all these wahala
On top say I like you
And you like me

Wetin sef?

All these can be so tiring
It wears one out
It has tired me o
And now I’m flat-tyred

Can it just be simple?

Is this the reason many turn their backs on love
After trying over and over again
Yet, repeating the process again
Or end up becoming monsters
Players of women, of men

Adeola-mi; O ti sun mi o

I am theimisiOluwa; I hate to see the pains that comes with Love.

(c) 2016, Imisioluwa.

Sleep Sweet

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