I pray for you today,

May your eyes open
May you know your worth
May you know what you deserve
And what is beneath you
May you know who deserves you
May you know who you deserve
May you know how valuable you are.

May you be happy
May you stop giving people power over your joy
May you learn to say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as appropriate.
May you learn to rest and relax.
May you learn to eat smoking-hot ‘amala’ garnished with saki, ponmo etc, after a warm bath, instead of sulking at night over what someone did or said.

May you learn the power of a cold cup of thick pineapple juice, or whatever fruit you like.
May you learn to go swimming, or mountaineering instead of wondering why your own is like whatever way you think it is
May you learn to enjoy Barbecue, Suya, and Asun in the company of your family and friends, with your favorite music, in place of crying over a break-up, a girl that said ‘No’, or a guy that never ‘asked’
May you learn to cry if you must, clean your tears when you’re done, pick your life up, smile, and be alive again.
May you learn to take a vacation instead of dying of stress
May you learn to have fun, be playful, laugh, and be childish

May you learn to stay with people who love and accept you and dissociate from those who hurt and reject you
May you learn to dream, set goals, and have fantasies, instead of lamenting your past.
May you learn to see possibilities and opportunities instead of difficulties
May you learn to take action, fail if you must, and learn quickly, instead of wondering ‘what if?’

May you learn to celebrate the miracle you are instead of worrying about the ones you want
May you learn to know what being in Christ means, instead of celebrating religious mediocrity
May you learn to pray in tongues instead of being confused as to what to do
May you learn to enjoy God instead of trying to impress him

I pray for you, that you’ll know how important it is for you to be happy, alive, and positive.

I am theimisiOluwa

Have a Happy-full week

I love you Plenty.