Appearance is Fickle

Several years ago,
Like several ‘several years ago’,
Man sinned and fell short
They became naked
God gave animal skins as cloths
And from generation to generation
The definition of those skins has changed
Today it could be a 3-piece Dicato suit,
Or a polo t-shirt on a wrangler jean
A Caribbean Skirt with a fitted top,
Or a deeper-life styled attire
They were ashamed
So they hid themselves
Today, man’s hideout has changed from trees
These days, he hides under many things
A nicely fit hair cut
Many filters on instagram

, and full facial make-overs
But it’s still all the same

Inadequate clothing

Inadequate identity
Inadequate hideouts

Until one is clothed with glory

The glory of the only begotten
Clothed with divinity
Clothed with life
Clothed with Love
Clothed with God

The best part of us is not in the physical,
In what is seen,
But in what we are clothed in

On the inside.

For appearance is fickle. .

For we are not like them
Whose confidence is in the flesh
We wear same designer shirts
Cut same hairstyles
Wear same make-ups and colonge
But don’t get it twisted

For as He is, so we are in this world

I am theimisiOluwa; I am clothed with God.

Happy Sunday

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