I’m a one-woman kind of man
It’s who I am. It’s who I decided to be
And it’s who I hope to become
It means I keep my focus on One
Erase all possibilities of another
And remove all form of backdoor mentality.
I detest the complexity of having my heart in many places.

I am not dull, ‘inexposed‘,ugly, or stupid.
And I’m definately not blind
I see stuff, I see beautiful ladies
I meet awesome ones daily
And the possibility is that
It will continue as long as I live,
But my heart is important to me.
It houses the most precious part of me.
It is very delicate and fragile.
And it is my duty to protect it.

It’s one reason I can’t be a player
The one who seduces and deceives
For if it is the abundance of words
Words to woo and capture her heart
If it is the tenderness to nurture and care
The patience to put up with her excesses
The character to sweep her off
The discernment to understand her
The patience to listen to her always
I can boast of having a little more than few
Yes, I am Christ’s, what do you expect?

But then, guys like me aren’t too lucky
We are taken for granted too often
Our goodness is rubbed on our faces
Our patience is taken for granted
Our care is taken for granted
We are treated and seen like dummies
Like we have no choice, no where to go
Like we have all the time and are jobless
Just because we decide to make love a lot lessconditional
Sometimes we feel like taking on a different identity
But it’s difficult changing who we are

So we let them do what they like with us
While we build strength and character
We let them hold us at hand and seek some others
We let them pick us and drop us as they wish
After all, we are always there

Yet they don’t let us go. Can they even dare?
Where will they find guys like us?

Until the day we need to save our hearts
And it’s future occupant

Are we certain of what tomorrow will bring
If we will end up old, alone, and lonely?
Great and awesome guys but single?

But we press on
Refuse to embrace the prevailing as the reality
Just for a chance that someday
We will meet that One

One who will surprise our hearts
One who will place value on us
Who will be willing to do all she can
One who will have Love for us all by herself
One who will make all these pain go away

And in those days it wouldn’t matter
Who did this or who did that
Who left or broke our heart
Who took us for granted
Who hurt us beyond reason
Because in one scoop of love
She’ll make them all irrelevant
She’ll turn things around
And she’ll be worth all the sacrifices we’ve ever made

She’ll be worth all the discipline
She’ll be worth all the patience
She’ll be worth all the self control
She’ll be worth all the love we’ve practised

And she’ll be the true #Adeola-mi.

I am theimisiOluwa; these are my tearful lamentations.

To all hopeless romantics like me.

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