My Pride

He came right to me
Looked me in the eye
Wondering what kind of a monster I had become
At least in his eyes

He questioned my excitement
He questioned my energy,my strength
He wondered why a young man like me would still keep raising his Hopes
He could not comprehend my love
My love for that which had failed repeatedly

He mentioned the Killings in Jos
The epileptic supply of Power
The lack of clean water supply
The kidnappings, the bombings
The strained economy
the political Instability
And the the constantly failing electoral system

Then in one sentence he asked
What makes you excited about this?

Why are you so passionate?
Where does your Hope come from?
And what good can still come out of it

Then with a smile I answered

My excitement does not come from that which abounds
Nor from that which prevails
Nor from the past
Nor from the moments

But from the change that has started

From the Future I see every day and night
From the transformation taken place among it’s youth
From the Role I am to play in the realisation of a New Nigeria

From this Idraw strength
From this I live
From this I agree:
That come what may; come December 2030, Our dear nation will be the most Favourable nation to live in.
And in those days, Our children will looki at us
And be proud in the ‘Hero’s their Fathers had being

It’s our time to vote for Change
Let’s not give up
We will get there

I love my Future


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