To my Best Friend

T’was Just like every other day
Where the tides of life had snatched the sail
And the crown of rest is laid away
Where the in-competencies of our dark countrymen had come to play
And our light had been made to bail
Just then at this moment of time
You walked in
With echoes of resounding silence
Bringing fresh feelings of inexplicable melancholy
Denying your comfort it’s natural habitation

Why? To check on him, who had become as close

Though your presence met in seclusion, a rather opaque absence
Still at that time you let out with such osmo-regulated precision
With such piercing sweetness
The words: ………I’ve been trying your numbers……..I’m getting worried ……
There and Then I discovered that man in all of his form and race, tribe and custom, sex and type is filled with just this: the desire to feel cared for, loved, appreciated, accepted, honored, respected…..happy, joyful…..
Because at this point the whole world in all of it’s size and shapes, matter and mass, seas and oceans, highs and lows, mountains and valleys, beauty and course, positions and power, peace and war, riches and wealth-in all of it’s entirety became nothing as it all laid silent and bare in the depth of my palm.

I wanted nothing more.
I was happy!
And I was Happy That someone cared.
Though worried that you were worried.
I was….
Thank you my best friend for checking on me.

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