We weren’t too much of pals, nor were we as close as been called Acquaintance.
Our parts had only crossed but a few times.
Had only know him as member of Parables; the drama unit of the Rhema Chapel Campus Fellowship, UniIlorin.

Looking at him from afar, He Had not looked as much as one with much
But my first impression was quickly erased as soon as he came close
As soon as his mouth let them out; his words and wisdom
As soon as I opened up my ears to absorb the awe of his mouth.
A new impression was formed within me

His creativity and entire sense of humor had been of extraordinary excellence and spontaneity
Which had always been exhibited when the fruits of his imagination had only saved a difficult time, and had often meant the success of another profound presentation.
But in his Obedience and Passion to be of use to his beloved root
The Murderers of Subsistence had brought so soon an end to His Existence

Bright, Smart, Good Looking, Loving
His Wide and Sincere Smile….
His Ingenuity, Resourcefulness…..
A Christian of Noble Birth.

Had they known His Dreams and Aspirations
The solutions his future holds to the tragedy of this nation
They would simply had passed by and found somewhere else to vent their so called anger to the polls that had been the most successful
But they didn’t
And he had only gone to be with His Lord in a much better place
And now, the realization of a New Nigeria is one soldier short of its initiators.
Leaving  us yet with much more work to do

And now their children will only have more to suffer and endure
Because their fathers have put to death
The ones they should have adored and treated with utmost care and reverence.
The ones that would have been instrumental in ending the misery they have found themselves
And brought light to their plight

You are gone, but forever you live in our Hearts.
And I ask that the God of Heaven will keep and guide our Corpers
And cause peace to reign in our dear nation.

Dedicated to all corpers who lost their lives in this recent crisis.