Dear Adeola mi,

Well, to be honest, I never thought I’d have to write a letter to you because I actually never have, I just keep thoughts of you in my head even though I don’t know you yet. I have evolved from time to time and sometimes I want you around me so bad and other times I just don’t want to entertain any thoughts of having a love relationship or having to say some sweet words to anyone well aside God.

I would say that still being single is a priceless gift from God to me because I’m still learning a lot of things that God will have me learn emotionally just so I can be the woman of your dreams. So to an extent, I still prefer being single. Not in a rush.

But still, though, I have played the video a lot of time in my head of how we’d do things together, have awesome loving memories, being in your arms and just staring into your eyes. But till we finally meet future boo, I’d still keep learning and building up myself under God. Much love.

Adeyemi Anuoluwapo

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