It is annoying when our mummies beat us and expects us not to cry. They beat us, we cry and they beat us for crying. Later, their reason for beating us changes from our initial offence to our inability to stop crying. “Fem..cover your mouth…keep quiet…hold your lips…I say stop crying” are all they words they say with each stroke; we cry the more and they beat us the more, until someone finally gives up,depending on the amount of stubborness that runs in the family. If the stubboness is from the father’s side, then you’d be glad it is mummy beating you; but if it is the reverse, then, ‘bingo’.
I only just wonder if they don’t realize our first cry was a result of the first beating, and with each subsequent beating came a fresh surge of tears. Shouldn’t they have just given us a little time to adequately cry for the first set of beatings, and in no time we’ll be through. I can only conclude we were, many times, only a victim of their wrath and their expression of anger.
Really, at that moment, they are not thinking logically about the effect of their actions-if it really gets the job done. To them, only one thing matters, we have done the unimaginable, and we are going to pay, until they deem it fit to stop; until their anger subsides.
Interestingly, the same is reapeated because, many times, they just beat us out of their anger and not out of discipline. Rev. Sam Adeyemi calls it “Cruelty”.
It takes a disciplined parent to raise a disciplined child. A parent disciplined with their emotions and it’s expressions.
In my own words, Discipline is beating your child for the offence, as agreed by both of you, and not out of anger.
Parents must first be disciplined.
So help us God.

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