Owonikoko Sola-Destined For Greatness.

“‘it’s just part of the process” he said, “just don’t go and jump inside a river”, he added jokingly, and like always, even though he was several miles away, I felt his warm hands around me. The compassion and care in his voice was the same, just as it was the day I mistakenly gulped a bottle of chemical, or like it was all of the many times I had ran into troubles. Right there I realized God gives you a brother because of the day you will fall into problems-well, if it is not his problem you fall into.
Brother mi, a lot has happened
But then…
We are destined for greatness.
Thank you for being such an example.


Owonikoko Olusola Charis Adeleke-Omooba
Manager at Quantum Bridge

Happy Birthday Day
I wish you the Best of God than you have imagined and planned.

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