I will humble myself and accept that I love you
I will put my ego aside and let you know I really do
I will leave my comfort to make you feel the best
I will do all I can to make you, in me, find rest

But really,

I won’t erase my inmost persuasions just to get your ‘yes ‘
I won’t mislay my sincerity to fill up your itching ears
I won’t fabricate a future to suit your desire
I won’t coerce you to recline in my coffers

Only a choice you have,

To be blinded to such as I have to share
To close your heart to my love and care
To accept what you know is deep and true
To open your heart and not make excuse

So, as you rock the chair of your latter years,

I could be long gone into the horizon
I could be in your mind only as ‘the man you really once loved’
I could be the best part of your world
I could be in your reality, ‘the love you nearly once lost’

In the end, whatever you do

You wouldn’t have been wrong
You would only have broken a heart
You would only have been human
You would only have made your choice

Adeola-mi, The Lady I Loved

It is not a question of whether we will find true love or not, but whether we will recognize it, accept it, and fight to keep it.

I am the ImisiOluwa.

Love you Plenty

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