Here are some of my thoughts on Love this week, watch out later for a poem from one of my #Adeola-mi collections on #LoveWednesday tonight

I can’t count the number of women I know who are struggling through life. I
had always wondered about the men who did this to them but now I wonder what part they had to play in the whole thing themselves.

It’s easy to blame the other party for our mistakes in Love.
Now, I understand the joy and pain of Love are the responsibility of both the man and woman.

Nothing is more painful than Love mismanaged.

‘I love you’ is ‘I love you’…shouldn’t it be that simple?”

When the creator gave us Love, he gave us Love pure and sweet but the selfishness of our heart will not allow.

In my own little world, as much as it lies within me, I am
determined to do love the right way.

I Love you…

The Naughty Boy.