At a Crossroad


I stand at a crossroad
My heart breathing heavily
The battle ahead; retreat behind
What shall I do? Where shall I head?
Give up on Love kè?
Láí Láí, Olorun májèé! I tell myself
I will fight till I draw my last breath
But then, Mòjà mòsá lafi n m’akínkanjú lójú ogun”
The ram must retreat, if with greater strength it must proceed
Yet, defeat doesn’t seem easy
However, after this comes that.
After this moment comes the next.
Akínkanjú nimí, mi ò lè wá kú s’ógun
After this failure comes success
All the days of my appointed time will I wait until my change comes -until I find Love in it’s true form
Though He slains me yet will I trust in him.
Though this Love has gone sour, yet will I Love again.

Adeola-mi, the Lady I Loved.

[In my relationship with ladies,one thing I’ve had to learn about the God kinda love which is supposed to direct our lives as believers is that we love and keep loving in spite of the response or lack of it in the beloved…
I must say however,that it is practically impossible to do this in our own strength as human nature isn’t that resilient;but with Agape in our hearts,it is just our default way of living. – Ayomipo Amiola]


(C) 2014, Imisioluwa.

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