Prayer for Nigeria.


As I prayed for Nigeria yesterday, I did not only pray for Goodluck Jonathan(his case is subtle, a man cannot perform more than himself); neither did I only pray for the ‘Boko Haramites’ (they are only an off shoot of a deeper problem); but my prayer was for people like me, called to be saints, who gather themselves together only on a day like this to offer what they call ‘Prayer for Nigeria’ and go ahead to live the rest of the 365 days in ways less and different from the contents of their prayers. We love to carry out religious activities, yet are unwilling to become poineers of a New Nigeria. As long as it has nothing to do with us; as long as we can go on living the way we want; as long as God will come down and obey our traffic rules, stay on our queues, do the right things for us, we are ready to offer Him as many prayers as possible.
So I prayed, that to us who are begotten of the father, the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened; we will stop keeping this nation in its misery; we will arise and bless Nigeria of the grace we have received-wisdom and creativity; we will work out our love for others, joy for the gloom, peace, willingness to be contented, deep compassion for all, loyal commitments, ablility to marshal and direct our energies wisely, even as we have received.
So Help Us God.
Happy Independence Day.

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Olalekan Owonikoko