As I reflect on the constituents of my privacy
The thoughts that characterizes my secrecy
I wonder how much, many more like me have in possession
In the comfort of their seclusion

As I stumble on the hideouts of others
Beholding the wickedness within its borders
I am forced to look inward
At the myriad of evil I nurture

As I look beyond their faults
To the perversion in my own court
I close my eyes in shame
Cos we all share the same

To shine bright in light is quite cool
Everyone wants to show good colors when all eyes look
But who can turn up inside-out
When there’s no one around

Yet we are quick in being critics of others
Like we are all a match with perfection’s order
We are quick to point fingers
Forgetting we have as much too in our coffers

The next time, before you accuse
Why not look inward and deduce
Deeper into your motives and see
How much of the same you’ve sealed

Cos it’s easy to be so used to your faults
That you don’t notice you can be wrong
But we all need an external factor
That can always make us see our true colors

The next time you are accused
Don’t be in a rush to refuse and refute
Perhaps, you haven’t only noticed your evils
Please, give no place to the devil.
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