He walked up to me with the countenance of one that had being broken. ” I know you write some good stuff about love, but everything doesn’t happen like you say in Adeola-mi, especially for someone like me”, he said, looking down.
I sat him down and listened to his story, and I realised it was full of wisdom and lessons to be learnt. His story was not the conventional Adeola-mi type, but it was a Love story of its own kind.
His was of the fears, pains, unmet expectations, and the troubles associated with the Man-woman relationship.

So, in the next few weeks on #LoveWednesday, I’ll be juxtaposing #TheAdekeyeExperience (#TAKE), with #Adeola-mi, and other thoughts on love, as we explore, the joys and pains of love as observed by Ìmísíolúwa, the Naughty Boy.

However, these thoughts are not absolute, only the TRUTH is and you are therefore entitled to comments and objections as you deem fit.

Watch for #LoveWednesday later tonight.

#IamImisioluwa, and I love you gragrociously (don’t ask me for the meaning, for I don’t know).

Enjoy your day jare!