The life of a lady amazes me, yet I’ll never understand what it means to be one or how she copes.

She is under constant pressure and abuse, not physical alone now but emotionally, and religiously.

Has she done wrong by being beautiful and of a good character?, yet we won’t let her rest-especially, we the so called Christian brothers.

When it comes to a case of five brothers walking up to her alone, each confidently making his case, isn’t that a religious abuse? Maybe not.
Wouldn’t it have been easier if we admit to have come by our own decisions? But no, we don’t. “God told me that you’re my wife!”, we say emphatically, as if God woke us up in the night and shouted, “Marry her or you die!”. I wish the ladies will just shout “Durr…story for the gods.” I mean, five brothers whose religious prowess can’t be questioned. What is she to do? How is she to survive?
I know ladies appreciate a confident guy, but it becomes a threat when with bonny faces we say “Go and pray about it!”, as if she has no choice in the matter. But then, is it our fault?

It’s easier if the girl likes, admires, or has desired any of us before, but when it is the case that one even irritates her, or if one happens to be her fellowship pastor, it becomes the question of “how do I drive this nail inside pastor’s head without becoming a backslidden Christian?”

She shares her tragedy with her friends-other Christian sisters, and the situation begins to get worse. I’ll come to this later.

She has a lot to think about. Prayer becomes difficult, because she has begun to analyse them. Why shouldn’t she? Isn’t she at the receiving end? Does anybody bother to ask her about her own choice, her own desires?

There is a guy she likes but that one won’t even draw near. She keeps waiting and praying but it seems his attention is drawn somewhere else. And here comes this other one that is not bad by himself. He his confident and has good prospect. She prays about it and there’s peace in her heart but she wonders if her first desire will never materialize; so she’s careful to give him an answer too soon, lest the one she wants eventually comes.
She won’t let go totally, in case the one she wants doesn’t come, yet she won’t let in totally so as not to loose on both sides. But does she know how painful this can be to the guy’s heart?

The five brothers keep pressing on, only as far as their personalities and characters can allow.

However, she can only keep one heart. Others must go. At times, all must even go. Who cares about the heart of the ones that go? Do we blame God? Or was the fault theirs all the way?

Whatever happens, sooner or later, she must figure out a way to sort it out? For she cannot have all of them. She must decide with whom she will share her heart. She must let some go and keep one. She prays and prays, analyses, seek wisdom, worry…
So is the life of a lady, especially a Christian lady, as I can only assume…..to be continued.

#IamImisioluwa, and I put my lighter in the air for all the ‘Adeola-mis’ I know, who are constantly barraged with request from guys, I feel your pain and I wonder how you cope.

But isn’t that what makes you a lady?

I love you plenty!

Enjoy your night.