Gradually, I watched as another man began to take my place; the place I had always treasured. Right there in my eyes, within weeks, I saw the same privileges I had always enjoyed given to another; and not just another, the one I had called a friend. Apparently, I was merely occupying a space I thought was mine. I didn’t realise my honor was for lack of a suitable one. I walked head high, marshaled the streets like a conqueror, while my host all the while, had her eyes on the horizon, waiting for a good radiance to me-her bad rubbish.
Perhaps this was what ASA meant when she said:
“Used to be my everything, treated me like I was a ‘King’.
What spell did you cast on me? Or was it a make believe?
You said ” never ever be afraid of ever ever loving me”.
Those words I hung on to. Oh God I was a fool!
You became my bad habit, keeping up appearance, for me to notice.
Even when you suddenly picked your things and left the keys, that’s painful.

I felt jealous. I felt defeated.
What am I to do? Fight? Speak? Beg? Or crawl to my closet and cry?

Akínkanjú ò gbódò sojo, but this one did.
Wán l’éni tíò n’ìyá ò kin dégbò èyìn; thankfully, I had both: a wound, and a mother.

Only time will make the pain go away.
Only time will make the wound heal, as mother tends her son’s wound, her ever so precious son; as the ‘Atúnise’ works on my heart, and gradually ‘túnmise.

It just becomes so unfortunate when more than one guy can say the same about the same lady.

“Do not awaken Love before it’s time. Do not stir up the heart you are not willing to be committed to. Do not join your heart with another if it won’t last, for you can never retrieve it totally. The way of love is faithfulness and commitment. Do not become a heart breaker”


Enjoy your evening.

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