The Man who Never Falls

The man who never falls…

Little by little he moves on
Crawling but he never falls
Gradually he gains speed
Navigating cluelessness and utter confusion
He hits a break wall but he never stops
Till he finds his way circumventing the maze

Now he’s walking
Through the confusion of his adulthood
Combating webs of doubts, the fears of failure
On the slippery ground of cluttered appetites and divergent desires
Yet he keeps moving

He meets a crossroad but he never stops
He moves on, sometimes in the wrong
Through stumbling blocks of deceit
Of various shapes and sizes
Yet he never falls
He’s bruised and delayed
But he never gives up

After all,
Yíó bale, yíó bale báyí
Ni labalábá n ké
Tóó fi n wo gbó

“He almost fell, he stumbled
He wanted to give up, he is tired”
Are all that can be said
But he never stops nor falls
There’s no chance for that

Èsù tó bá gbé mi (Devil, even if you carry me)
O ò lè là mí mólè
(You can’t slam me down)

#IamImisioluwa and I am the man who never falls.
And I hope you are too…

Being a while,
I’ve missed you

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